What doesn’t go on my resume? (Ask me mondays)

Monday Question

Q: I’m redoing my resume. What shouldn’t go on there?

Many things have changed in the last few years, so this is a good question!

Let’s start with the little things: you can remove your full address and postal code. Also remove your high school info IF it’s been over 5 years or you have gone to any post-secondary (college/university) or if you have relevant work experience. Remove the objective! The objective should be replaced with a summary and a highlights section.

Now the bigger things: You can also remove any work experience that’s farther away than 15 years UNLESS it’s relevant and not similar to anything else you’ve done since. Most often, your recent experience will be your most relevant, so that’s where your resume space and your efforts should go to. If this is the case, your resume will be two pages (three at most if you’re going for an executive position). Your most recent experience (like all your resume details!) should not just list your duties, but all your achievements and how you add value.