How often should I update my Résumé? (Ask Me Mondays! )

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Q: How often should I be updating my resume and LinkedIn?

Background: I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day while waiting for a family member. She has been in her current position for almost 4 years and is ready to start looking for a new challenge. She told me she hadn’t updated her resume since she got this position.

She laughed and asked me how often do I recommend updating a resume? My answer was: “Honestly, whenever you’ve done something you’d like an employer to know about. Think about all the work you’ve done in the past 4 years and how much of it do you remember? The best time to update your resume when you’ve just done something amazing! But don’t send out a resume that is pages long!”

TL:DR: Add to your resume all the time, when you’ve done something amazing, noteworthy or is an achievement.