Hello! and Why now?

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Hello! Welcome to Limitless Careers' Blog. :)

I'm glad you're here! (This is all new for me too.) Why have I decided to start up a resume writing and job search coaching business? Now? Well, lots of reasons. 

First, my work and my values weren't quite aligned. My values for work are: Autonomy, trust and actually helping people. I want more of all three in my work. So new year, new "job" for me.

Second, making an impact. I have been writing resumes for the past 3 years as a side hustle and I have greatly appreciated the opportunities to have a strong impact on my clients lives. I love to help clients identify their strongest points and even more love being their for the moment when a client realizes just how much they have to offer and all the opportunities that are open to them!

Third, using my skills most efficiently. I feel that working with clients directly without having to consistently deal with lots of mandated data entry would make me happier, fulfill my purpose and allow me to support more people in their job search.

Fourth, timing. The timing was right for myself and my family. Things change in life. I'm ready!

When we're done working together, I want my clients to feel that they know themselves better than ever, that they are confident in tackling their job search and are able to strongly talk about themselves with potential employers. WILL THIS BE YOU?