5 Job search tips that You SHOULD be doing (but probably aren't)


1. Keep copies of every posting you have applied to (and the resume/ cover letter you applied with). PDF (not just bookmark a link., as it may get taken down) and save! When you called for an interview, you will know exactly what you sent in, what the job was (especially handy if it's been a while since you applied) and what your interviewer is seeing.

2. Create and USE networking business cards. There are still many places where you may want to hand out your business card. Having one makes you look prepared and professional. It's also an easy way to to direct a new contact to your LinkedIn account or website.

3. Cut down on any unnecessary expenses. This is when Needs vs Wants is very important. Your job search may go on longer than you think it will. I have seen many job seekers take a position that wasn't a great fit (or even in their industry) because they needed the money. Don't let that happen to you.

4. Let everyone you know, know that you are looking for work and what kind of work you are looking for. How well can you describe your partner's or a friend's job? Do you know their work achievements? A bit hazy? So, make sure you are clear on your target and your best skills. Ask for action (ie do you know anyone you could refer me to?). This is not just an action for LinkedIn, if you are on other social media, ask on there too!

5. Take care of yourself. Job searching can be stressful, it can last a long time and you may feel disconnected from a workplace and other people. Be kind to yourself, do a lot of self-care and don't give up on your job search.