Salary on applications? (Ask Me Mondays)

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Should I put my current salary on applications?

No! Right now, you are looking to get employers interested in you and mentioning a salary can work against you. If you are a strong candidate, apply!

  1. It can take you out of the running for a position. If the company already has a salary range in mind and your current/ most recent salary is higher, you can be screened out at this stage, without even a chance to impress at an interview.

  2. It can limit what salary you might be offered. If the number is lower (by a little or a lot) the potential employer might offer a salary that is not in line with what the position should be paid. Look at salary surveys to get an idea of the ranges for jobs.

  3. The salary offered can change throughout the process. Did you show how you would add value during the interview? How much do they want you? Are you a great candidate? The employer may start the process with a set pay range in mind, but the amount might increase depending on how the interviews went, how much they like you and how much value they think you can add. Stating a salary early in the process limits this chance.