I've got a Job! Now what? (Ask Me Mondays)

Ask Me Mondays - I've got a job

After a long job search (5 months) I just got hired and start in two weeks. Anything else I need to do, now that my job search is over?

Yay and congratulations! Yes, there’s still a few things to do before starting your new position.

1.       Enjoy the feeling, the relief and the knowledge that your hard work paid off!

2.      Thank your network (those who helped you, let you vent, gave you job leads or mentored you, and especially your references)! This is the time to bust out a handwritten card (if you have an address).

3.      Keep in contact with your new team. Ask if there is anything you can do to prep for your new position. Make sure you know what you are coming in to do (what pain point are you fixing?). Confirm the first day, where you go and who you are meeting.

4.      Don’t actually STOP job searching. Until you are AT your new job (and even completed the first three months), keep your options open. Continue a soft job search.

5.      Keep the success going by: continuing to interact with your network, connecting people looking for work and keeping a running list of your achievements in your new position.

Congratulations and enjoy!