5 Things Everybody Should Know About Job Searching During the Holidays...

Holiday networking

1.       DON’T STOP! Just because we’re getting closer to the holidays (and all the craziness that goes with it) doesn’t mean you should stop! So many people slack off during this season, so be one of the few that keep networking, applying and being active on LinkedIn. You’ll have less competition.

2.       Employers are still hiring. Really, they are. Look at all the job postings out right now. I just looked at my city’s careers page and there are 17 open positions right now, ranging from casual clerical to senior accounting!

3.       Networking! There are so many opportunities for networking this time of year, whether it’s gatherings at friends’ homes, associations’ holiday events or even grocery shopping, make sure you are out and talking to people. Let people know you are looking for work while you are chatting. It doesn’t have to be an in-depth discussion of your job search activities but don’t skirt around it! EVERYONE has had to look for work before.

4.       Make sure your resume is still up to date and relevant for the position you are looking for! Has your target changed recently? Noticing skills on job ads that aren’t highlighted on your resume? Make sure it’s added to your resume.

5.       Make your social media on point. Clean it up, check your privacy settings, update your LinkedIn and make some new connections!

Photo by Antenna on Unsplash