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Welcome! I'm Jaymie and I have a passion for helping people find their fit, in a new job or new career path.

My favourite part of working with job seekers is that moment when clients realize just how much they have to offer (the "oh, wow, that IS me!" moment). Whether it's a skills assessment or an in-depth conversation, guiding clients through the uncertainty and frustration of the job search to see and land an opportunity is my goal.

I have over 8 years experience in employment services, with a break to work within the federal government. My career started at SFU Career Services, as a student peer educator, and I have since worked in 3 different employment service centres, as an employment counselor, facilitator and case manager. I am most interested in guiding job seekers to know themselves better, helping to find their best fit and to successfully complete the job search.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Simon Fraser University, with Human Resources courses at BCIT and am a current member of the Career Professionals of Canada association.

In addition to previous roles at different local career centres, I have also worked at a library, as a 7-Eleven clerk, for the federal government and taught kids about dinosaurs at Dinosaur Provincial Park.

I can’t wait to guide you on your way to a new opportunity!

Jaymie@limitlesscareers.ca or 778-863-1660